Increased Confidence in First Home Buyers

A recent study by Genworth has revealed an increase in confidence from first home buyers in the Market place. The first home buyers confidence has jumped sharply from 49% in September 2014 to 66% in March 2015 thinking that now is a good time to buy a home.
All of the states have posted an increase in confidence (only exception is Victoria) with the largest change being in Western Australia. With record low interest rates set in February it appears that the first home buyers are seeing true value propositions in purchasing the first home. Reports now indicate that many are now looking to increase person dept to find their deposits as well as the traditional methods of borrowing from Family and or relying on gifts.
There is also an upward trend in confidence for the 2nd than 3rd home buyer market and we are seeing a big decrease (nearly 50%) in the mortgage distress market from 12 months prior.