Coomera Exit gets the Nod

242836-cc2c215c-d7f8-11e4-91eb-4767fead30efIn breaking news today the Federal Government, State Government and the Coomera Town Centre developers Westfield and QIC have finally agreed on the funding arrangement for the much needed upgrade to exit 54 at Coomera. This new exit will pave the way for more than 7100 jobs in the area between the expansion of the Gold Coast City Marina and the Coomera Town Centre when both become fully operation. The infrastructure stages for both projects will deliver more than 5200 locals employment.
The first stage of the $550 million first stage of the Town Centre will have an artificial beach , cinemas and a large 2 storey shopping precinct. Westfield and QIC have been working with the State and Federal Government to deliver the upgrade to the exit to coincide with the delivery of the Coomera Town Centre.
Exit 54 work will see a 3 lane over pass with signal intersections on 2 roundabouts and will be completed by late 2016/ early 2017.
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