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Finding the right property for your SMSF is fundamentally important to ensure you get the perfect mixture of capital growth and ensure that it is contributing positively to your super balance sheet.

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Cash Positive Properties

View our range of cash positive properties that range from Dual Occupancy, Displays, NRAS properties and much, much more ……

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As a boutique company we offer the personalised service you require by one on one consultations, see future cash flow projections and get the investment that works with your budget

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Cash positive property investments

Thank you for visiting Cash Positive Property.

We offer a service that specialises in sourcing, selling and developing cash positive property for investors.
Our large range of cash flow positive property listings will cater for all your investment needs and requirements. We specialise, in new cash positive property and have a variety of properties all over the country, so we’re bound to have something that will suit you. Our latest listings include properties under the National Rental Affordability Scheme (NRAS) and properties in mining or resource communities.

All properties that make it onto the website go through a filter of strict guidelines to ensure that the properties will provide financial benefits to our investors and yes we do have a range of properties for Self Managed Super Funds (SMSF).

Our listings of cash positive property have a complete analysis available. See our listings.

Recent Properties Listed

Positive Gearing through NRAS

Positive Gearing through NRASFor many investors, particularly those in high income brackets,  investment in more than one NRAS property can prove to be an excellent investment and provide great positive cash flow.

If the properties are financed correctly, the income from the rent earned plus the tax credit and allowing for property depreciation,  actually returns additional net income versus mortgage repayments.

This means that the investor is in effect buying the property at no cost to themselves and also making capital gains as values increase. The key element here is the financing to ensure it all adds up correctly.

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Cash positive property with reliable tenants found for you…

NRAS approved properties are “managed” by Government appointed agencies, who hold the head lease on the properties and who are responsible for the placing of suitably qualified tenants. They are responsible for making sure the property is well maintained and managed ensuring you a stress free investment. In the event of a tenant leaving the property, their task is to recruit new tenants from the list of qualified applicants. Most NRAS properties are cash positive property investments.

We have a wide range of NRAS properties available that include the Gold Coast , Brisbane, Sunshine Coast and general Qld.  We are not just limited to NRAS properties in QLD, we have an array of NRAS properties in South Australia, Western Australia and Victoria.

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